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I interviewed Taylor Yenko, a recently graduated OT, about her research project. She and her team conducted a community-based group to address chronic back pain in college students. She shares about the research process, and what they found.

Show Notes

Guest: Taylor Yenko can be reached at taylorjean1134@gmail.com with any comments or questions!
Book Recommendation: The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk
Wine: 2016 Sangiovese from Castello di Amorosa 

  • For more scholarly reading about low back pain and non-surgical treatment options, check out this article
  • This research project was conducted at Gannon University in Eerie, PA
  • Taylor recommends the Oswestry Low Back Pain Disability Questionnaire, which you can find here. I have used this with my patients in the past and find that it helps with occupation-based goal setting! 

What is OT Uncorked?

OT Uncorked is a podcast for wine-loving OTs, pairing wine and hot topics in occupational therapy. Hosted by Miranda Rennie and featuring guests from the profession, OT Uncorked was created to learn from people doing ordinary and extraordinary work across OT settings and share resources with other practitioners. Miranda is an OT who is passionate about providing holistic care for people with neurologic conditions. She is a small-town East Coaster living in Los Angeles, CA. Miranda hopes you will join her in uncorking hot topics and wine, discovering what’s new and relevant in the profession!