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This week, we uncover the power of inclusivity and innovation in engineering design with Deirdre Hunter from Rice University! 🌍💡

You'll hear our esteemed guest, an Assistant Teaching Professor, at The Design Kitchen (OEDK), share her insights on transforming engineering education into a hub of multi-discipline collaboration, welcoming all genders and backgrounds.

Explore how engineering goes beyond equations. Don't you think it's about empathy and tackling real-world challenges head-on?

Discover the art of creating purpose and igniting a sense of mission in aspiring engineers. Plus, don't miss the spotlight on women's active participation in engineering – a key step toward a brighter, more diverse future in the field.

Watch Here: https://youtu.be/48s8pKkuGYA

Engineering design kitchen (1:56)
Multi-discipline, inclusive, all gender, all background (4:31)
Women in engineering (4:43)
Women's Participation in Engineering (30:15)
Addressing real-world problems (5:50)
Engineering education is about more than engineering (11:18)
Create meaning, and a sense of mission (16:54)
The current state of engineering (23:34)
What engineering is about (21:50)

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