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Aaron talks to Yoni Belousov, one of the world's largest private domain investors. Yoni shares his experiences building a huge portfolio of domains and discusses the challenges of identifying and acquiring domain names with the potential for significantly increasing in value..

Show Notes

Ask any early Internet entrepreneur about the biggest opportunity they feel like they missed in the early days of the Web, and they'll all tell you the same thing: they wish they would have thought to buy all the valuable domain names while they were still available.

Our guest on this episode of Web Masters, Yoni Belousov, didn't exactly buy all the valuable domain names while they were still available in the early 90s, but he's spent his career acquiring plenty of them. In fact, he's currently one of the largest private investors of domains in the world.

During the episode, Yoni shares his experiences with Aaron about buying and selling domains while providing some expert tips on his strategy for getting started in domain investing.

For a complete transcript of the episode, click here.

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What is Web Masters?

Web Masters is an original podcast that explores the history of the Internet through the stories of some of its most important innovators. In each episode, host Aaron Dinin, a serial entrepreneur and digital media scholar, talks with Internet entrepreneurs who created important websites, tools, services, and features. Some are hugely popular, some you’ve never heard of, and all of them have impacted everything you do online. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how the Internet has enabled -- and continues to create -- some of the greatest business opportunities in history from the people who have proven they know how to build successful Internet businesses.