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The Lamer Gamers break down the news from the January 2020 Pokemon Direct then dive into the rumors surrounding the Sony PS5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch Pro! They also talk about the games they've played recently including Star Wars Jedia: Fallen Order, Witcher 3, GTA V, Children of Morta, Frost Punk, Quantum Break, and more!

Show Notes

Hello Lamer Gamers! This is simplyTravis and Rowdy5000 for the Lamer Gamers Podcast! Recently we’ve amassed a team of pocket monsters with swords and shields to take on the world! But we’re still kinda salty that we can’t collect them all…but kinda excited that we can catch almost them all! 

Today we’re going to talk about the Pokemon Direct from January, the console wars heating up again, and as always talk about the games we’ve played recently! Now that we have the a bunch of pokeballs and the episode loaded up in our podcasting cannons let’s hit that transition music!

What is Lamer Gamers Podcast?

We're two guys that are taking a sidequest from professional life in art education, medicine, and music creation to talk about our favorite past time - GAMING! Join us as we discuss current gaming news, gaming previews from the perspective of busy adults, deep-dives into the technical aspects of gaming, the struggles of balancing life while being a lamer gamer, and more! Shows are uploaded a minimum of every two weeks along with the occasional sidequest in-between!