How They Get Stuff Done

Why did people use to talk only about “priority” in the singular? What’s a great method for choosing what goal to work on next? And does setting arbitrary deadlines to motivate yourself work?

Show Notes

Steph Smith is a growth marketer, writer, and indie maker. She works for The Hustle, helping to run one of the world’s largest newsletters. But she has lots of her own projects. She has written a book about content marketing, she runs an online course about time management, and she has a podcast about, quote, “shit you don’t learn in school”, unquote.

When I first encountered Steph on Twitter, I sensed that she and I have very similar views on productivity, so I was keen to get her on the podcast. Steph and I discuss:
  • Why in the past there was no such things as “priorities”—just the singular “priority”
  • Steph’s method for choosing which goal to work on next
  • Why asynchronous communication is often more efficient (and how Steph does it)
  • Whether you should set arbitrary deadlines for yourself (Steph likes them, Peter doesn’t) 
And much more. Enjoy the show!

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Also mentioned:
  • Loom, for recording & sharing videos easily
  • Calendly, for scheduling meetings without the back-and-forth
  • Get TikTok Famous Fast, a fun little book about… well, that’s obvious
  • Zapier, an “if this then that” service
  • BannerBear, an app that automatically generates social media visuals etc.

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