Veterans’ Voices World War II: Minnesota's WWII Veterans

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The day of the Pearl Harbor attack, what FDR memorably called 'the day that will live in infamy,' struck a nerve with a generation of patriotic Americans and motivated them to serve. In this episode we hear from two Minnesota GI's who signed up at recruiting stations in the aftermath of the surprise attack. There's also the eyewitness account of a third Minnesota veteran who was there, aboard ship at the time the swarm of Japanese planes took aim at the US fleet stationed at Pearl Harbor.
This episode features Minnesota veterans Bill Olson, Herbert Gager and George Vandersluis.

What is Veterans’ Voices World War II: Minnesota's WWII Veterans?

Minnesota World War II Veterans share their personal stories and memories of the war. Listen to their voices and gain a deeper understanding of the character, values, and spirit of the Minnesota men and women who served their country during World War II.