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Everything Is Police is a new book by Tia Trafford, who argues that institutional and interpersonal policing have been central to colonial modernity, the result of which is a situation where we cannot practically experience or even imagine worlds free from policing. Trafford is joined here in conversation with Melayna Lamb.

Tia Trafford is reader in philosophy and design at University for the Creative Arts in London. They are author of Everything Is Police and The Empire at Home, and coeditor of Alien Vectors.

Melayna Lamb is lecturer at the University of Law, UK, and author of A Philosophical History of Police Power.

Frank B. Wilderson III
Rinaldo Walcott
The Empire at Home / Tia Trafford
Jared Sexton
Tapji Garba
Sylvia Wynter
Frantz Fanon
Sara-Maria Sorentino
Saidiya Hartman
David Marriott
Biko Mandela Gray
Sylvia Wynter
Sara-Maria Sorentino
Mute Compulsion / Søren Mau
Immanuel Kant
William Wimsatt on generative entrenchment
Red, White & Black / Frank B. Wilderson III
The First Black Slave Society / Hilary Beckles
Sean Capener
Paul Gilroy
Stuart Hall
John Locke
Slavery is a Metaphor / essay by Tapji Garba and Sara-Maria Sorentino, published in Antipode
Taija McDougall
Petero Kalulé

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