Blood Cancer Talks

In this episode, we delve into the management of newly diagnosed mantle cell lymphoma with Dr. Martin Dreyling. Here the shownotes:

2:11 How to diagnose mantle cell lymphoma (MCL)?

6:51 Clinical manifestations of mantle cell lymphoma

7:52 How to manage leukemic variant of MCL? 

12:08 Is Watch-and-Wait reasonable in selected cases of nodal MCL with low Ki-67?

17:21 Overview on treatment of newly diagnosed MCL

19:03 Are all cytarabine-based regimens for MCL created equally?  

RCT of Autologous Transplantation in MCL:

21:39 In a world without upfront ibrutinib access as per TRIANGLE trial, do all fit patients with MCL need consolidation with auto-transplant? 

22:44 How to approach unfit patients with newly diagnosed MCL? 

RCT of bortezomib-based therapy (VR-CAP) in newly diagnosed MCL:

24:57 SHINE Trial-RCT of Ibrutinib plus BR in newly diagnosed MCL:

30:38 TRIANGLE Trial-RCT of upfront ibrutinib with or without auto-transplant in newly diagnosed MCL:

43:01: Does Allo-Transplant have any role in MCL?

44:08: What are the likely next breakthroughs in newly diagnosed MCL space? 

What is Blood Cancer Talks?

This is a podcast on latest advances in the understanding and management of blood cancers. Here, we will bring a wide range of experts within hematologic malignancies to discuss various topics in depth.
Host: Raj Chakraborty, MD from Columbia University, New York, Ashwin Kishtagari, MD, from Vanderbilt University, Nashville, and Edward Cliff, MD, from Harvard University, Boston
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