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Hey Coaches,

In this latest podcast episode, I dive into something that’s been on my mind: the business side of coaching. I share why coaches, especially in endurance sports, need to take their business acumen as seriously as their coaching expertise.

During my regular hunt for potential customers on LinkedIn, I stumbled upon Michelle Lake—a game-changing business coach specifically for endurance coaches. 🎯 She takes everything I’ve been trying to help you with to the next level.

We discuss four key insights from Michelle that really resonated with me:

1️⃣ Consistency in Content: Michelle emphasizes the need for coaches to be as consistent with their content as they are with their training plans.

2️⃣ Community Over "Online": The real magic of online coaching isn't the tech—it's the community you build among your clients.

3️⃣ Endurance in Business: Drawing parallels between endurance sports and the grit needed in business can reframe how you approach your coaching venture.

4️⃣ Pricing Strategies: Michelle reiterates a sentiment I share: when clients pay, they listen—and they pay attention.

You can follow Michelle on Instagram here.

Want to deep dive into all of this? Check out the full blog post.

I also mentioned a handy revenue calculator in the blog. It's a great tool for coaches who are serious about scaling their businesses. You can access the calculator right here.

Don’t forget to head over to Michelle’s Instagram for more content. Give her a follow, like her posts, and tell her I sent you.

Until next time, keep pushing your limits both on the field and in the office. 🏃‍♂️💼

You can read the full blog post here

Meet Michelle Lake - A Business Coach for Coaches

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