Kameo w/ Nevin Webster

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Layah and I chat while at the Sahali Value Village as she looks for clothes!

Show Notes

This episode is really special to me.

Because not ONE but TWO people helped me make this episode possible!

Thank you @nakedgypsy__ for agreeing to meet me to chat. Please check out her instagram! And soon her website!

And then to Frank of The Heart Of The Rink Hockey Show for reaching out to me as a veteran podcaster who offered to help me with audio levels! If you like hockey, Frank shares the greatest hockey stories ever told!

I appreciate both of you so much for helping me with my project!

This is the quality I want to deliver to you on a weekly basis! I have a lot to learn, so thank you for listening and supporting me! I appreciate all of you taking the time to tune in.

One love.

P.S. I haven't listened to it yet... I'm excited to see what Frank did because this was not going to be pretty episode if he hadn't reached out to me!

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