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We look at the growing tensions of business asking for greater certainty over what levels two and three might mean for them, the issues thrown up by contact tracing, and discuss with John Ballingall of Sense. Partners the COVID-19 economic impacts, more resilient supply chains and what opportunities might there be for New Zealand post COVID.

Show Notes

In this episode I start by looking at the success of New Zealand's four week lockdown as the number of new cases continues to drop. 

During this segment I highlight the increasingly vocal tensions of the business community asking for a little certainty on what a move to Level 3 or Level 2 will mean specifically for them and their ability to resume some form of operations. Ramping up our contact tracing capability will be critical to getting back a little normalcy but it is important that we maintain effective checks on what will potentially amount to the mass collection of population data. 

I’m then joined by John Ballingall - an economist with Sense. Partners based here in Wellington.  John has worked on some of the biggest policy and business issues in New Zealand over the past two decades, as an economist and Deputy Chief Executive at NZIER (a economic consultancy) and as Deputy Director of the Economic Division of New Zealand’s foreign ministry.

We talk about the local and global economy, where are the glimmers of hope - the sources of optimism - in amongst all the hurt and pain, how will firms actually build resilience into their supply chains, and then we look to the future and how COVID-19 might present an opportunity to shape globalisation to address the ills and become more people-centred. 

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