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Should you strive be efficient or effective? Is it possible to be one without the other? How about both at once? Like so many leadership principles, the answer to all these questions just might be: "yes."

Show Notes

In this wide-ranging conversation, Nick, Brian, and Jon explore the differences between efficiency and effectiveness and the different situations that may require leaders to adjust their focus between the two. If you've ever found yourself at a crossroads between quality and quantity, deadlines and details, or are interested on getting the best of both worlds, this episode is for you. 

What is > Lead.exe_?

>Lead.exe_ is a podcast for anyone who wants to level-up their leadership skills and enhance their careers. Host Brian Comerford, Jon Abboud, and Nick Lozano explore leadership concepts through interviews with thought leaders from all walks of life, with a focus on technology and innovation, to bring you valuable and actionable insights.