Invisible to Invincible Podcast: Marketing and Branding for High Achievers

How do you maintain focus and keep your business moving forward when life throws unexpected curveballs? In this raw, honest, and inspiring episode, host Kendra Losee shares her firsthand experience of navigating a family emergency while juggling the demands of entrepreneurship.

From getting creative with her workspace to leaning on her support system, Kendra reveals the strategies and mindset shifts that allowed her to feel "invincible" instead of "invisible" during this turbulent time.

You'll discover:
  • How to cultivate resilience and resourcefulness when facing the unexpected
  • The power of stepping back to regain clarity and focus
  • Proven tactics for managing your mental and emotional well-being as an entrepreneur
  • Exciting new offerings Kendra is developing to help other business owners thrive
If you've ever felt overwhelmed by the challenges of running a business, this episode is a must-listen. Kendra's vulnerable storytelling and expert advice will empower you to tackle any obstacle that comes your way.

So tune in to learn how you can harness your inner "invincibility" and make your business work for you, not the other way around.

What is Invisible to Invincible Podcast: Marketing and Branding for High Achievers?

Gain visibility, clarity, connection (and peace of mind) when it comes to your business.
The Invisible to Invincible Podcast with award-winning marketing expert and author Kendra Losee is specifically designed for executives, business owners, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, and even frazzled misfits who know you were meant for more - that you can do more.
Learn how to stop playing small and find the joy and ease that comes from knowing you're working to your highest potential in your business and in your career.

Your host, Kendra Losee, brings over 20 years of marketing, branding, and business expertise to the podcast. She knows visibility inside out, from shaping strategies for major household brands to helping launch startups.

In addition, Kendra is a former social media marketing professor, the author of Digital Etiquette for Dummies, and a certified master NLP practitioner, making her uniquely qualified to be your guide to all things marketing and business mindset strategies.

Today, Kendra combines business expertise with transformative mindset coaching. She works closely with coaches, consultants, agencies, and high-achievers (and recovering high-achievers) to help spotlight their genius and create their business their way.

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