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In The Lamplight's Rory Maitland becomes a guest on his own podcast! Our cinematographer-in-residence chats about the path he took through life and how he ended up where he is now, a successful business owner with his own barber shop and production company. He also gives us an insight into his musical tastes as well as offering up a musical performance for the first time since our trailer episode.

Show Notes

After a Covid-imposed break, In The Lamplight returns with Season 1.5 and one of its own as the special guest, barber extraordinaire and cinematographer supreme, Rory Maitland.

Hear about Rory's experiences in musical theatre growing up, including the time he swore on stage as a child a production of "Oliver!" where he first crossed paths with Luke. Luke and Rory re-enact one of the scenes they shared. Kieran asks Rory about the time he was co-opted into a production of Grease after someone pulled out in the late stages of the rehearsal process which lead to Rory's first meeting with Kieran who was the musical director of the show.

Rory talks about his work and work ethic, about how he feels its important to be true to yourself and find something that you enjoy doing in live, something you have a passion for.

Other topics discussed are favourite albums, songs, favourite theme night performances, and more.

The lads premiere a new podcast slot called "Lamplight Pet Peeves" featuring "Famous" Dave Flynn, a good friend of the podcast. In this slot, the lads will be giving musicians free reign to rant about the things that irk them the most.

Rory performs twice for us in this episode. First, he does his on-point Ed Sheeran impersonation, improvising an Ed Sheeran-style song after being given three random words by Kieran and Luke. Rory breaks down Ed Sheeran's songwriting formula with a live demonstration. Rory's second performance is a beautiful reimaging of Hozier's "Movement" with Kieran providing keys with Luke providing guitar, organ and a string arrangement.

What is In The Lamplight?

Brand-new podcast from Kieran Quinn, Luke Devaney and Rory Maitland featuring weekly special guests, live musical performances and in-depth conversations.