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This week, the bartenders gather together to break down the massive DoD Patch and what it means for Battlegrounds.

Show Notes

Tales from the Tavern - Mr. Hlywd
That Battlemaster is the largest minion I've made yet. I drew and played him early with decent stats. I mean, 20 health is 20 health. Next I drew Bran and immediately began scheming my glorious victory plan. Like they say, teamwork makes the scheme work. Drawing a 2nd Battlemaster my palms began to sweat as I raced flawed animation times, frantically trying to cycle minions to create space. WHY DOESN'T CLICKING JUST CANCEL THE ANIMATIONS!?!? There, nailed it. First try. My two Battlemasters, the second a Brann-empowered 3 times larger than the first, stood as a testament to my cunning skill & flawless game play. Then, unexpectedly, RNG'sus himself appeared before me. Lifting me through the air he announced loudly,"Behold! For he who believeth in the triune minion, the almighty Battlemaster and the holy Brann, he shall not want!" and the third and final Battlemaster appeared, swirling together with the previous two, combining stats & shimmering with gold. Slamming it back down on the board with only seconds to spare I watched in awe as Bran worked his magic on the shiny demon, culminating in the monstrous behemoth seen before you. It was the single greatest experience of my Hearthstone Battlegrounds career, preceded immediately by the single worst experience as I watched in horror and disgust, the 1/1 divine shield poisonous merloc casually remove my creation with an unassuming "mrrgll".

Closing Notes:

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