SuperPod — Recession-proof your MSP

Joe Burns is the co-founder and CEO of Reformed IT, which offers Managed IT Services and specializes in Cyber Security. Reformed IT is Joe’s second MSP. He co-founded Pyranet UK in 2005, and exited it successfully in 2016 when Townley Group acquired it. Joe remained at Townley as its Group Managing Director until 2019. 

In this episode, Joe shares how the lessons he learned from his experience building Pyranet have influenced his second stint as an MSP entrepreneur. One of the key lessons is the importance of carefully selecting the partners an MSP chooses to work with, and this includes clients. Joe does a deep dive into why and how MSPs can curate their client list, and why that is particularly important in an uncertain economic climate.

What is SuperPod — Recession-proof your MSP?

Launching a special, limited edition of's podcast, SuperPod - Recession-proof your MSP. We invite thriving MSP veterans who have pushed through many downturns and ask them the secrets that have kept their businesses resistant to recessions.