Mawkish Twaddle with Bob N.

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Show Notes

Worst week of the year for new releases? Possibly, but you wouldn’t know it if this week’s Twaddle is any indication! There are excellent new sounds from Partner Look, SUEP, Ger Eaton, David Brookings, Good Looking Son, Horsegirl, Jetstream Pony, Las Infrarrojas & Indy Tumbita, Constant Smiles, Artsick, The Black Watch, David Christian And The Pinecone Orchestra, Lewsberg, The Estate Owns The Ghost Show, Churrus, Theoreme, EGONX, Swansea Sound, Fran Ashcroft, Robert Sotelo, Dummy, ONETWOTHREE, Bill Wells, Mess Esque, Steve Gunn, Chime School, Scam Avenue, Alicja-Pop, Wesley Gonzalez, Ted Leo & Jeppesen Airplane, Yucky Duster, The Krimis, Nick Frater, Roman Angelos, S.M. Wolf, The Green Pajamas, Modern Studies, Mike Adams At His Honest Weight, and Guided By Voices.
From the past: Denim, The Brilliant Corners, Kizza Ping, Jonathan King, The Clean, The New Pornographers, Jo Squillo Eletrix, and Shoes.

What is Mawkish Twaddle with Bob N.?

Mawkish Twaddle: Vexing musical purists of every stripe since 2017. It’s too twee and then it’s too abrasive. Rarely does it strike the right balance. Intrigued yet?