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Jonny and Adam bring you their latest thoughts on political news.
The Big Topic: Police interference at the Sarah Everard vigil.
Other News: April vaccine shortage and the plain-clothed police officers.
UK Culture Feature: Freedom of speech
Debate: Are we more or less likely to lose freedom of speech in Brexit Britain?
America: Joe Biden verbally attacks Vladimir Putin and wants an end to COVID-19 by Independence Day.

We also have a look at one of the most polarising things on Facebook over the past week!

Show Notes

Island Meet And Greet by Kevin MacLeod

What is Pints & Politics UK?

Jonny Bentley and Adam Bragan are two British twentysomethings with an interest in all things politics. Pints & Politics aims to deliver an analysis of Britain's politics in a fun and digestible manner, as if you were having the discussion in a British pub! Breaking down current affairs, debating ethical issues and looking at America from afar. Debating. Educating. Entertaining (hopefully!).