LuxUnplugged Podcast

David discusses the benefits of greater sports wellbeing in the context of the pandemic. With the acceleration of the digital adoption, he also talks about the technology changes happening across the whole business spectrum in Luxembourg.

Show Notes

Thierry welcomes David Gray, General Manager at the CK Group, to the show. An avid believer in technology, David looks back at the last three decades and discusses how technological changes and the internet have revolutionised the way companies structure their business processes. Then, Thierry wonders how the two key business lines from the CK Group, an established group in Luxembourg offering office technology and sports wellbeing solutions, are complementary. Subsequently, they talk about the effects of the pandemic on businesses and how this has affected their decisions to accelerate their digital transformation decisions.

What is LuxUnplugged Podcast?

People from Luxembourg are quite familiar with the country’s discreet approach when it comes to blowing its own trumpet at the global scale. Despite its relatively small geographic print, the Grand Duchy punches well above its weight on the world stage!

This podcast is here to shed light on Luxembourg’s global influence from the perspective of two Luxembourgers living in London.