Higher Ed Without Borders

In this interview conducted in the Fall of 2022, Nathan and Hoke spoke with Dr. Gil Latz, who was Vice Provost for Global Strategies and International Affairs, The Ohio State University (OSU) located in Columbus, Ohio. We discussed his work at OSU, including serving as President of Ohio State University Global Gateway Network and overseeing offices in Shanghai, Mumbai, and Sao Paulo.  Additionally, he has published widely on internationalization, diversity, community engagement, and global learning for all – and how these areas intersect – as well as the internationalization of higher education in the United States and Asia.  

Dr. Latz retired in late December 2023 but is still active, serving remotely as a Professor at Waseda University in Tokyo and Director at Waseda USA Board.

What is Higher Ed Without Borders?

Higher Ed Without Borders is a podcast series dedicated to education professionals worldwide. Each episode is a conversation with thought leaders to enlighten and provide new thoughts on critical issues facing higher education. The program is a production from Edu Alliance, an international consultancy located in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and Bloomington, Indiana.
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