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Punk, garage and trash coolness with CAROLYN
Sheltering In Place - Week Fifteen - Why Is This Still Happening? Oh, yeah. People are dumb.

Show Notes

Punk, garage and trash coolness with Carolyn Sheltering In Place - Week Fifteen - Why Is This Still Happening? Oh, yeah. People are dumb. 12:03 PM The Normals "Almost Ready" from Almost Ready on Lectric Eye 12:03 PM Cheap Nasties "Stolen Property" from 53rd & 3rd on Numero Group 12:07 PM Babeez "Nasty Nazi" from Nobody Wants Me on Buttercup Records 12:09 PM The Rockin' Ramrods "Wild About You" from The Best Of The Rockin' Ramrods on Arkarma 12:12 PM The Zipps "Kicks & Chicks" from Kicks And Chicks b/w Hipsterism on Relax 12:12 PM Red Aunts "alright" from Come Up For A Closer Look on In The Red Records 12:15 PM Pussy Galore "Dick Johnson" from Dial 'M' for Motherfucker on Shove Records 12:18 PM Thee Cha Cha Chas "It's Coming After You" from It's Coming After You on OuttaSpace Entertainment 12:20 PM KXSF UW "Rainbow Grocery Cooperative" 12:21 PM Smalltown Tigers "Five Things" from Five Things on Area Pirata 12:24 PM Les Dead Boobs "A.N.A.R.C.H.I.E." from Split : Tabula Raza + Les Dead Boobs - Tout brûler :) on Rock'n'Roll UFO 12:26 PM Las Ratapunks "El calzón" from Fracaso, Año De La Rata 2020 - EP on Las Ratapunks. Genre: Rock 12:27 PM Surfbort "Bad Intel" from Apocalypse Care Package Demos on s/r 12:30 PM The Implosions "Rebel Girl" from Rebel Girl on Lavasocks 12:33 PM Bratland "100 Gin & Tonics" from Posener - EP on s/r 12:40 PM Crash Material "Everything Old Is New Again" from Crash Material EP on s/r 12:43 PM Thee MVPs "HAL (Human's Alienating Lifestyles)" from Science Fiction on EEasy records 12:49 PM Nag "Plans" from Dead Deer on Die Slaughterhaus. Genre: Rock 12:50 PM Tommy and the Commies "Hurtin' 4 Certain" from Hurtin' 4 Certain EP on Slovenly Recordings 12:53 PM Martin Savage Gang "Back To The Nite" from Now We're Rollin' on s/r 12:57 PM Bob Vylan "Lynch Your Leaders" from We Live Here on s/r 12:58 PM Collective Hardcore "Panic Attack" from split with Disco Junk on Goodbye Boozy Records 1:01 PM KXSF UW "Lark In The Morning" 1:02 PM Rubber Blanket "Hummingbird" from Our Album on Spacecase Records 1:06 PM Male Gaze "Think Twice" from Cliffs of Madness / Think Twice - Single on Mt.St.Mtn.. Genre: Rock 1:10 PM Goldie Dawn "It's Nothing to Me" from Goldie Dawn - EP on Drunken Sailor 1:12 PM Thick "Can't Be Friends" from 5 Years Behind on Epitaph 1:14 PM The Exbats "You Don't Get It (You Don't Got It)" from Kicks, Hits and Fits on Burger Records. Genre: Rock 1:17 PM Parsnip "Adding Up" from Adding Up - EP on Anti Fade Records 1:22 PM Brandy "(Wish You Was) Madball Baby" from The Gift Of Repetition on Total Punk 1:25 PM C.C.'s Feces "The Laundry Song" from Bi-Polair on Belly Button Records 1:28 PM Dicklord "Boring" from It's Soooo Boring on Valve. Genre: Rock 1:30 PM Dead Kennedys "Holiday In Cambodia" from Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables on Cherry Red. Genre: Rock 1:35 PM The Rabies "Adderall Girl" from Adderall Girl - Single on Presidential Records 1:37 PM Kool and The Gang Bangers "Not Gonna Go Outside" from Feel Bad Music on No Front Teeth 1:43 PM Gum Country "Whoa Oh" from Somewhere on Gum Country. Genre: Rock 1:46 PM Jay Allen and the Archcriminals "I'll Be Damned" from Fun Is Fun, The Trilogy Is Done. on Rum Bar Records 1:49 PM Gull Boy "Years of Your Life" from Years of Your Life - Single on Gull Music. Genre: Rock 1:52 PM Moviestar "Evel Knievel" from The Curse and the Currency of the Twenty-First Century on Bored Airline Music 1:55 PM Snot Puppies "TV Tantrum" from TV Tantrum on No Matrix Records 1:57 PM Illegal Visions "Equality" from South Bay Curse (The solo Lo​-​Fi Pandemic sessions ) on s/r 2:01 PM KXSF UW "McCarthy's Irish Bar" 2:03 PM Idles "Grounds" from Ultra Mono on PTKF. Genre: Rock 2:05 PM Phone Jerks "Back To Bootcamp" from Out The Gate on Resurrection Records 2:07 PM Cave Man & Bam Bam "Enough Is Enough" from Gotta Dance on Outer Limits Lounge 2:10 PM Obnox "Superdope" from Savage Raygun on ever/never records 2:10 PM L.A. WITCH "I Wanna Lose" from Play With Fire on Suicide Squeeze Records. Genre: Rock 2:14 PM The Nubs "I Don't Need You" from I Don't Need You b/w Dogs on Last Laugh 2:16 PM Barcelona "Salvajes" from Residuos Del Ultrasonido on LA VIDA ES UN MUS DISCOS 2:18 PM Disco Junk "I'm No Good With Numbers but I Know Which Tram I'm On" from split with Collective Hardcore on Goodbye Boozy 2:23 PM KXSF UW "Exploring Music" 2:24 PM I Am Her "Big Monster" from Big Monster on s/r 2:27 PM Public Enemy "Lock Your Wheels" from Loud Is Not Enough on Enemy Radio 2:30 PM Eddy Current Suppression Ring "Our Quiet Whisper" from All In Good Time on Castle Face. Genre: Rock 2:34 PM Jay Reatard "Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle" from In Utero, In Tribute: A Tribute to Nirvana's In Utero, In Entirety on Robotic Empire. Genre: Rock 2:37 PM Interloper "Weaponized God" from 19 Notes On A Broken System on 19 Notes On A Broken System 2:43 PM TJ Cabot & Thee Artificial Rejects "On" from Digital / Tape EP on Goodbye Boozy 2:44 PM CB Radio Gorgeous "Mid Fit" from EP on Thrilling Living Records 2:46 PM CB Radio "Tension" from There's Gotta Be Hope, Right? A Charity Compilation on Billie 2:48 PM Toylettes "Oh Oh Oh" from Spätsommer im Luftkurort on s/r 2:50 PM Trou Noir "Double Date With Death" from Get Resurrected Vol. 8 - 2020 Sampler on Resurrected Records 2:52 PM Green/Blue "Police Street" from Green/Blue on Slovenly Recordings. Genre: Rock 2:56 PM Mission of Burma "Dirt" from Peking Spring on Taang! Records

What is Carolyn?

Archive of Carolyn's Tuesday KXSF 102.5fm San Francisco Community Radio show. Show airs live noon to 3pm PST every Tuesday.