Welcome to Growth

Dillon and Johnathan talk about setting realistic goals and Johnathan recaps some of the things he's learned setting up a store using Shopify. They guys also talk about the new tech they love in this 85-minute presentation.

Show Notes


Alternate Titles:

  • Bodily Motions in Your Mouth
  • Manage Multiple Hats
  • Hashtag Business
  • The Moment You Get Strangers, You’ve Won
  • You Gotta Steal Some Stuff
  • Big, Massive, Sexy Goals
  • Beep Boop
  • I’m Addicted to the Aisles
  • A Human’s Hour
  • The Human’s Human

Creators & Guests

Dillon →
I help Amazon sellers scale their revenue with technology and better strategy. Building: @useaura + https://t.co/oU5SvfxfWd
Johnathan Lyman
Program and Programming Accessories.

What is Welcome to Growth?

Dillon and Johnathan dive into the nuances of operating an e-commerce business and taking it to the next level, while still staying true to its goals and larger purpose. Sometimes they get off track and talk about whatever's neat. Presented by Vendrive.