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Our buddy, Rene, joined Tiara and Dean as we discussed the best way to plant a left-cross against Hard Right Jay in Letterkenny Season 5, Episode 3 - Hard Right Jay

Show Notes

Guest Co-Host:  Rene Encarnacion
This weeks band:  Brute Force
S05E03 – Hard Right Jay


Recap of S05/E02 – The Ol’ College Try

S05/E03 deep dive – Hard Right Jay


From followers:

Twitter - The Booty Warrior - @xbuckshotlovex

  • Tanis' best line is from this episode.
    • Hard Right Jay: “We don't practice violence.”
    • Tanis: “We do.”
  • Also, it says something when Strt and Roald are freaked out by someone....
  • "I'm going to troll!" -hard right Jay's best line. Make you wonder. Is he just a troll?

  • The paper that Dan's reading at the beginning talks about the Ukrainian legion, meteorologist "weights" in on weird weather.
  • When Dan picks up “The Letterkenny Banner” paper at the end, there’s an add for an “Adult Spelling Bee” as well as a Dog Adoptathon.
  • R&J (probably the dumbest of LK) can figure out what’s PC without any issues.
  • No one bullies Dary about his inability to pronounce breakfast or basket
  • Wayne confers with Katy before “offering” to fight HRJ.
  • It’s funny how so many from the alt-right get offended when being called “Nazis”.
  • The opera at the end was Puccini’s La Rondine
    • Aria: Chi il bel sogno diDoretta
    • Performed by: Luba Orgonasova
Fuck – Fight – FERDA:  

  • Betty-Anne/Mary-Anne, Katy, Tanis, and Shanaia are all knockin' boots!
  • HRJ (of course) and Everett are gettin' throttled!
  • FERDA ferda rest.
Post-show and farewells:  

Artist of the week:  Brute Force
Location:  St. Louis, MO

Album: The Worst of Us
Song: The Worst of Us

Album: The Worst of Us
Song: End of My Rope


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