Yoga Better

Creativity in the time of Covid, isolation, failure, and how menopause transformed Andria's relationship to her future.

Show Notes

0:00:00 -  Intro
0:01:33 - Hey Andria
0:05:20 - Main Conversation - Part the First
0:32:00 - Intermission - Pun-ish Minute
0:35:51 - Main Conversation - Part the Second
0:53:16 - Andrew's Obsessions

What is Yoga Better?

The Yoga Better style is not what you are thinking, but it is how you think. For more than 20 years, the teachers at Yoga Better have been evolving what it means to be a yoga teacher and practitioner.

This ain't your normal yoga conversation! From teaching, to livelihood, to relationships, to handstands, we love discussing it all!

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