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About the Guests
  1. Kathleen Cotter Clayton is the daughter of Dr. Joan A. Cotter, author and developer of the RightStart™ Mathematics program. Kathleen is involved with curriculum development and has written or co-authored 17 manuals. She travels, teaches online middle-school classes, and speaks across the US and Canada, sharing the mission to help children understand, apply, and enjoy mathematics. Kathleen has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota and has two Masters Degrees from the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota. In her spare time, Kathleen designs and creates mathematical quilts and loves to travel all around the world. 
  2. Teresa Foltin is the School Liaison with RightStart Math. She has a Bachelor's in English Literature and a Master’s in Student Affairs in Higher Education. Previously the Director of Student Activities at an American university in Germany, she is now a homeschooling mom of five. Teresa travels across the US talking to parents and teachers, calming, encouraging, and exciting them about math education. She is interested in adoption, travel, horses, gardening, and reading. The Foltin family lives in Colorado on a small homestead with a menagerie of critters.
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Show Notes
Uplifting describes this conversation about Mathematics with guests, Cathleen Cotter Clayton, and Theresa Fulton of RightStart Math. When games are involved, everyone wants to participate. When a math program is written and approved by an electrical engineer and a physicist, as an excellent and intuitive way to teach math, why not share it!  Forget the tears, and fears about fractions. Find out the stories behind it’s success and the how and why this math program fits within the Classical Tradition of education for grades Kindergarten through eighth grade.

Some Ideas Discussed:
  • Success in Homeschool and School Programs
  • A fearless experience with fractions
  • History of Right Start Math and the Research behind it
  • Adrienne’s homeschool story “Enjoying Math!”
  • How RightStart Math fits into the Classical model and similarities with the medieval time period (Treviso Arithmetic)
  • The importance of place value
  • Geometry and the Quadrivium
  • Right Start Math Tutoring
  • Right Start Support and Presentations for Schools
Books & Ideas Mentioned
  • Casting Out Nines ( RightStart calls in "check numbers". This is a video explanation)
  • Treviso Arithmetic Information
  • Treviso Arithmetic PDF (Explains place value and casting out nines and other interesting ways of teaching math the medieval way)
  • The Robe by Lloyd C. Douglas
  • The Magnificent Obsession by Lloyd C. Douglas
  • Coming soon to be published: a new book by Dr. Cotter
After the recording, Adrienne found an interesting public domain book on Gutenburg called A Scrap-Book of Elementary Mathematics. It has interesting and old tricks for teaching arithmetic that seems to align nicely with this way of teaching math. 

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