Aural Hygiene: Psychotronic Film Reviews

Mark Malek and Matt Comegys brainwash themselves by watching a cornucopia of old TV and video logos, just as the title suggests.

Show Notes

In this very special episode of Aural Hygiene, Mark Malek and Matt Comegys set off by making a reaction video to the old tv and video logos, even though this is an audio podcast.  Matt then gets bored, shuts of the video in middle, and starts bitching about reaction videos.  It's got to be our best or worst episode so far, but if I'm being honest, it's probably the latter.

Do your homework, and have a squiz at the film here:

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What is Aural Hygiene: Psychotronic Film Reviews?

A podcast where Matt Comegys, with a friend in tow, gets into vintage educational films, experimental films, and interesting documentaries.