Staying Fit

In this episode, Simiran converses with Natasha Nandini about how she started her fitness journey turn this into her profession.

Show Notes

Ms. Natasha Nandini is a Yoga, dance & music instructor. She is in conversation with our host Simiran, in which she talks about her journey, and how she came across yoga and Indian classical art forms. She expressed her views strongly on how Yoga in reality brings consciousness, calmness, and awareness into our life. Also, how few smaller durations even  05 minutes of daily yoga/ exercises can change our life. Just to lead a healthy lifestyle, and happiness all around in one's life, one must practice yoga in a complete spectrum i.e.  Asanas, meditation, and consciousness.
So, listen to the podcast and learn how you can start your fitness journey now and lead an active and happy life ahead.

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What is Staying Fit?

Staying fit is the new mantra for a healthy happy life to lead and for that, we present to you experts from various domains of health and fitness. So, they can guide us on various aspects of how we can stay fit and we can directly learn from the experts and modify our lifestyle accordingly for a healthy happy life.