The Great Reset

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Ernie and David seem to agree that Jesus is the answer, but struggle to find any agreement on the questions

Show Notes

David and Ernie appear to agree with the statement that "the problem is sin, and the cure is Jesus" -- but seem unable to agree about what those words mean, or even whether or not they agree.

David affirms how Ernie is fantastic at handling negative feedback, but confused why he appears incapable of incorporating constructive suggestions.

Ernie admires David's commitment and forthrightness, but wonders why he is focused on pointing out wrongs rather than providing grace.

Ernie pitches David on the idea of coming together around communion for the Season Finale.  David likes the idea in theory, especially about getting right with one another before partaking of the Body of Christ, but is skeptical in practice because it is often used to merely paper over differences. 

What is The Great Reset?

Exploring how the Body of Christ should relate after being "reset" by COVID-19. The companion podcast to The Great Reset public discipleship group on YouTube: