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Miles is a big inspiration for me on many levels - he is a super successful online entrepreneur and an epic content creator. I’d say he is the most helpful and sincere online marketer out there. In this interview, he shares infinite amounts of value and his story of how he went from rock bottom to building a massively successful online business.

Show Notes

Check out Miles Beckler here:
Miles was superkind to share some guided meditations:

One from Melanie Beckler, his wife:

A couple from Steve Nobel:

My free abundance meditations (same track, one 15min and one 30 min version):

Bob Proctor

The 'key' is to find someone whose voice/style they resonate with so you come back repeatedly and meditate daily.

And a bit of science to back it all up:

Harvard study summary showing that 8 weeks of meditation for 27 min per day physically changes your brain :

The actual published Harvard study:

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This podcast is all about business, creativity, minimalism and lifestyle design.

What is CREATE with Conni Biesalski?

I'm a nomadic creator, online entrepreneur, photographer + online filmmaker and minimalist vegan yogi. This podcast aims to encourage people to pursue their passions, create meaningful content and make an impact.
I sit down with myself solo, but also with other fellow inspiring creatives and change-makers to talk about living a conscious life and building a meaningful legacy through creating work that matters.