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In this episode we visit with builder, developer and serial entrepreneur James Scruggs. James’ real estate companies currently have $40M in construction projects under development. He manages that pipeline as well as the other crown jewel of his business empire, a portfolio of senior care facilities, where he owns the land, the buildings and the business inside 😳. And ALL of this started from a side hustle . Tune in to hear James’ amazing story.

Show Notes

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More about James Scrugg's businesses:

-Unlimited Possibilities Senior Care Homes
- JS and Sons Construction
To contact James directly email James@upfch.com

More on the organization James supports with his philanthropy


(06:10)  James' first hustle saves him from having to drop out of college
(08:45) The power of a decision
(13:10)  James risks all his savings in the stock market. Loses it all.
(15:30)  The book that changed James life
(21:05)  James decides to level up. Buys first apt building
(27:01)   He goes full time as an investor...at the start of Great Recession
(31:50)   Stress of entrepreneurship begins to weigh on James' marriage
(40:30)  Breakdown of real estate's enormous tax benefits
(42:50)  -Interlude- "Capital vs Labor"
(48:00)  James breaks down 'building' vs 'development'
(50:07)   James gives away a house to YBLA


Paid In Full - Eric B. and Rakim
Breakadawn - De La Soul
Lord Intended - De La Soul
Drawn - De La Soul
What U Got - Prince Paul

**The excerpt about entrepreneur burnout and the strain that entrepreneurship can place on families is courtesy of The Kaufman Foundation, the leading research and grant making organization dedicated to studying and supporting entrepreneurs. The speaker is Steve Blank, serial tech entrepreneur and the creator of the 'Lean Startup' framework. You can view his full remarks on this topic by clicking here.

About our sponsors:

www.reiskip.com (Text HEART to 81257 to take advantage of the promo mentioned in this episode. Offer good through March 6th)

What is Heart of the City?

Great entrepreneurs are great storytellers. Heart of the city spotlights the dopest investors and entrepreneurs around the country, and gives them the opportunity to tell the stories that get missed in most interviews.

Host Vince Harris draws on his background as a Wall Streeter and serial entrepreneur to take guests beyond the numbers; to share the ways their work is benefitting the communities where they operate. Every week a different city. A different story.