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Why appear on podcasts and/or why have your own podcast? This is a question that continues to fascinate me. It’s a question I ask myself, potential clients, and guests of our podcasts. In this episode of Content Matterz, I ask this exact question. The guest that answers it this time around is JR Butler. JR is the Founder and CEO of Shift Group. They help build the best sales teams in the world with the best athletes in the world. He knows a thing or two about sharing stories, selling services and products, building teams, being a part of winning teams, and more.
The main takeaways from this episode:
  • Tell the story the way you want it told — control your narrative
  • Your podcast could impact one person and that can make all the difference
  • Podcasting allows you to become a better professional
  • In 2023, a podcast is like having a business card in 1992 – in other words, podcasts are a must in 2023 +
  • Maybe your podcast will impact someone you love. And maybe that’s enough
  • There is a significant upside to podcasting…
Yes, there is absolutely unlimited potential when it comes to podcast and content creation. Maybe someone will offer you millions of dollars for your podcast, maybe it will net you a new client or your dream job, maybe it will help get you into college, or maybe it will create more value for your business. The point is, there are known and unknown benefits. And while it’s hard to sit down and spreadsheet the ROI (return on investment) of podcasting, that doesn’t mean there isn’t an ROI. Maybe it’s an intangible ROI or maybe it’s ludicrous! Like thousands of percent ROI.

JR Butler was a guest on our podcast, Sports Bring People Together, on the platform SportsE+. Listen to that full episode here.
In case you haven’t noticed, we love podcasts. In fact, yeah, you should have one. We’ll even build it for you. A podcast that is. Simply contact us here – we’ll get your podcast published, fast. 

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Wrap Up:
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