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Show Notes

Light Conversations with Bhaskar Podcast - Satchidananda-ji (Marshall Govindan)

Marshall Govindan (or Yogacharya M. Govindan Satchidananda) is a renown Kriya Yogi, author, scholar and publisher of literary works related to classical Yoga and Tantra and teacher of Kriya Yoga. He is the President of Babaji's Kriya Yoga.

M. Govindan Satchidananda has been given the honorary "Patanjali Award" for 2014 for his outstanding service to Yoga by the World Wide Yoga Council and Dharmachari Swami Maitreyananda, President of International Yoga Federation, which is the oldest and largest international Yoga association and registry of Yoga teachers (

Satchidananda-ji is truly one of the living legends of yoga. In this episode we converse about how yoga came to the West, insights on Babaji Kriya yoga, meeting with other legends of the modern spiritual movement in the West and so much more. Please stay till the end and enjoy a profound guided meditation by Sadchidananda-ji.

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What is Light Conversations with Bhaskar?

Leave Feeling Lighter

The opposite of tightness is lightness.
The opposite of heaviness is lightness.
The opposite of darkness is lightness.
These are ‘inter-views’ with no scripts and or prepared questions. Natural spontaneous conversations, arising from the depth of connection.
The purpose of these conversations is to offer insights and inspirations that leave you feeling lighter than when you arrived.