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"There are other stories. There always were other stories." Writer and former journalist Dan Keane joins us from New Zealand to talk about how we construct narratives and the pure joy of the good books out there--and chucking the Great American Novel as a North Star it never was.

Show Notes

HOW DID WE GET HERE flips the migrant story.  Come, here the story of us.

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Chris Tse
- Roberto Bolano

What is How Did We Get Here: Our Story Studio podcast?

HOW DID WE GET HERE are stories from all corners of the planet, flipping ideas of how we move through this life and what's really going on here.

Part Accident | History | Comedy | Tragedy | Family Saga | Economic Sojourn | Environmental Hustle | Political Battle | Technological Travail | Wonder | Grace | Triumph of Chance & Will | Refuge | Prayer | Survivor Tale | Gathering.

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