Durham Real Estate Investing & Real Estate Financial Planning™ Podcast

Compare paying off properties with cash flow versus saving up and only paying off properties once you've saved enough to pay off the entire mortgage balance in full in one lump sum. All while Nomading™.

Show Notes

In many cases—not all, but many cases—real estate investors can speed up the time it takes to become financially independent by choosing to pay off the mortgages on their properties early.

Sometimes it makes sense to take every extra dollar beyond a healthy amount of reserves and aggressively pay off properties as quickly as possible. Other times, it might be better to invest money that you have earmarked to pay off properties in something else—like the stock market, for example—until you have enough to completely pay off the mortgage in one single large payment.

In this mini-comparison class, we will look at the difference between these two different approaches: paying off properties with extra cash flow or only paying in full when Nomading™ over 300 US cities.

Which one gets you to financial independence faster? Which one gives you a higher net worth? Which one is less risky?

Find out in this class.

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