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Brad & Kyle talk Condiments!

Show Notes

Apologies for the background noise - Brad was recording at The Publican in Windsor where they were setting up for a large party for lunch service. And also Kyle's a mouth breather. 
Today we break down the nation's favorite condiments state by state, talk hot dogs, margarine, colas as a marinade, Toos for Tools and much more! Many thanks to Ferno Grills, and Gustus Vitae for their support!

What is Baste Mode Podcast?

Brad Barmore is the co-owner of KINSmoke restaurant in Northern California, certified KCBS judge, member of the Metallicue BBQ team, and Natural Born Griller. Kyle Castillo is a BBQ nerd, member of the Metallicue BBQ team and a man constantly learning new tips and tricks on his arsenal of BBQ's. This is a show that takes an often times sarcastic but playful look at some of the things they're learned along the way in their 25 combined years of BBQ'ing - cooking methods, the culture of BBQ, the trends of BBQ, and some of the challenges that they're still dealing with.