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This episode turns its attention to history and how learning from the past can shape communities in the 21st Century. My guest also covers 19th Century Gang culture in the form of the real Peaky Blinders!

Show Notes

CSP11 - Carl Chinn MBE Ph.D
Carl Chinn, MBA Ph.D. Carl is a social historian with a national profile, a writer, a teacher, an animator, and a public speaker. He was formerly a professor of Community History at the University of Birmingham, and director of Birmingham Lives Project collecting working-class memories as a freelance social historian. He gives history tours of Birmingham and collaborates on local history projects in several schools. He's the author of 34 books, his latest words are Peaky Blinders: The Real Story, the true history of Birmingham's most notorious gangs, which was a Sunday Times number one bestseller.
Carl joins me on the Community Safety Podcast to discuss why we should be valuing every young person and finding the challenge for everyone in our community whatever their talents and passions. He shares why we still need a radical transformation of our educational system to allow all young people to find their niche. Carl also discusses his historical interest in gangs in 1900’s Birmingham, and his research for the book Peaky Blinders: The Real Story.
"It should be local people that are pushing everything forward, not outsiders, ... we've got to start promoting young working-class talents from all the backgrounds in Birmingham." - Carl Chinn
Today on The Community Safety Podcast:
● Carl’s perspective on growing up in a large storytelling family in Birmingham
● Who were the ‘gaffers’ of the street in Aston in the 1950s and 1960s and how they were the anchors of the community at the time
● How we can appreciate all sorts of skills and work to spotlight non-academic talents
● Why we shouldn’t be snobbish about academic education
● Perceptions about class and accent and why we should look beyond them to see value in people
● The truth behind the TV series Peaky Blinders, and why they were not gentleman criminals but vicious thugs
● Why it is so critical to provide opportunities for young people to avoid being drawn into crime in the 21st century
● Carl’s views on how we can eradicate some of the violence on our streets
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Peaky Blinders: The Real Story by Carl Chinn
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What is The Community Safety Podcast-Transforming Communities!?

The Community Safety Podcast has been created by Jim Nixon from Birmingham in the United Kingdom. Community Safety is the use of skills, knowledge and techniques, to prevent and reduce crime, disorder and fear of crime and develop safer communities in which to live, work and visit. Community Safety affects us all in society, it's all our responsibility to improve communities. Some of the main issues affecting communities in today’s society is violence, knife crime, mental health, alcohol abuse, drugs, child exploitation, anti-social behaviour and many many more.