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26 days earlier, I decided to commit to LIVE streaming daily. This resulted in the rekindling of the Melvyn LIVE show

Show Notes

On May 28 2020, right smacked during the COVID-19 lockdown here in Singapore, I went crazy and decided to LIVE stream every day. To be honest, it was a crazy idea. The moment I decided on it, I almost immediately regretted my decision. 26 days later, I've gotten greater clarity on what I want to achieve with this LIVE show. 

By going LIVE, I want to share about business principles that are evergreen. These principles are evergreen because the origins of it comes from a philosophy that I've been a student of - Stoicism. 

While the principles are evergreen, the strategies and tactics are not because they change when there is a change of environment. Given the context of today's circumstance, where we are entering a new norm, many of the strategies and tactics do change.

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What is The Melvyn LIVE Show?

Daily show by Melvyn Tan, Asia's first LinkedIn video evangelist. Join him as he talks about Stoicism, lean principles, and minimalist workflows.