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In this conversation, Aaron Phethean shares his experiences in dealing with data debt and the challenges of communication in the technology industry. He discusses the importance of understanding the size of the problem and the need for clear and effective communication. Aaron also reflects on his journey as a technologist and a people leader, emphasizing the importance of investing in emotional intelligence and learning from experiences. The conversation highlights the need for humanizing technology and the role of AI in improving communication.

data debt, communication, technology, leadership, emotional intelligence, AI

Understanding the size of the problem is crucial in addressing data debt and other challenges in the technology industry.
Clear and effective communication is essential in navigating complex technological issues.
Investing in emotional intelligence and learning from experiences can help in becoming a successful technologist and people leader.
Humanizing technology and leveraging AI to optimize communication can lead to better outcomes.
Continual learning and self-reflection are important for personal and professional growth in the technology industry.

The Journey from Technologist to People Leader
Humanizing Technology and Leveraging AI for Better Communication
Sound Bites
"The memories of that time, they are still vivid."
"Data Debt (tm?) is the aggregation of disparate bits of data from different sources with no plan, part of Tech Debt and caused by Human Debt"

Introduction and Funny Story
The Journey Since Leaving a Technology Giant
The Changing Role of Technologists
Becoming a People Leader
Investing in Emotional Intelligence

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Dave Ballantyne
Co-Founder at Tech Led Culture
Duena Blomstrom
Author | Podcaster | Mother #HumanDebt #Agile #Technology #PsychologicalSafety #LinkedInTopVoice #QueenOfW #NeuroSpicy Co-Founder PeopleNotTech #TEARSofDOPAMINE

What is people AND tech?

A podcast about neither tech nor people but both and how, if we want technology to move as fast as the consumers want it to then we must admit it's time we started to consistently do the Human Work. With a total of 50 years in tech between them, author, start-up founder, thought leader and influencer Duena Blomstrom and VP of Engineering for Evora Global, Dave Ballantyne, the hosts of this show come from the two opposite sides of the equation above and debate how we can best meet in the middle. The hosts are also neurospicy, Duena is diagnosed AuADHD and Dave isn't yet formally diagnosed, the couple are (still) newlyweds and they won't hold back from real talk, banter or the occasional swearword!