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In the sophomore edition of our Study Break series, we check in on a few of our cultural prophesies: on the Silly Boy front, we analyze the rise of LEGO-man rap sensation Ian, and on the Alt-Print front, we assess the threat of Katy Perry's new Bushwickified era. We also announce Shiloh Jolie as our nepo baby top draft pick in light of her recent Afrobeat activities, discuss the Frutiger Aero undertones of J. Cole's "Grippy," mourn the disillusion of much-loved brands including Dion Lee, Mara Hoffman, and The Vampire's Wife.

Shiloh Jolie Pitt Dancing to Afrobeat
North West for ERL
The Vampire's Wife Shuts Down
Mara Hoffman Shuts Down
Dion Lee Raises Alarm
Marc Jacobs - Dear Bullies
The Curious Case of Underselling Arena Tours
J. Cole mixing "Grippy" by the sea

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