Thriller "A Bitcoin Zine"

Car sat down with Michael Atwood, the founder of Oshi. Together, they navigated a range of subjects, from adept marketing techniques and content creation to the complex landscape of loyalty rewards and the nuances of integrating Bitcoin into businesses. The discussion also illuminated the challenges founders face, such as making radical pivots, and provided insights into human behavior, modular company designs, and the evolving prospects of Bitcoin gateways.

Topics discussed:
  • marketing 
  • content generation
  • radical pivot
  • growth
  • revenue
  • loyalty rewards
  • dashboard metrics
  • points vs sats
  • incentives
  • apple pay
  • human behavior
  • purity tests
  • modular companies 
  • api calls
  • bear market
  • square vs cash app
  • wallet options
  • prisms
  • bitcoin gateway
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