The Usual Bet

Featuring Riley Kilo, an ABDL/kink blogger, TV star, and community icon! Find all her ABDL content at, her other NSFW stuff at, and her transgender experiences at!

Join Sophie, Chloe, and Riley as they discuss how the ABDL community has changed in the past decade, how it feels to have all your ABDL stuff "out there", some of Riley's lesser known hobbies, and... well, diapers of course. Make sure to join the Patreon to vote on future bets and get exclusive mini-episodes! ^_^

Videos discussed:
FR Diapergirls Commercial:
ABDLr Commercial:

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What is The Usual Bet?

The Usual Bet is an 18+ ageplay discussion podcast, where two Littles named Sophie and Chloe talk about ABDL things. Every week, they make a bet and the loser is in diapers for the next episode. To participate in the bets, become a patron at