the six string three part rock revolution tour thru the history of working class heavy metal grunt de argentina. two pre-metal episodes with a hard rock cuts building up to the ultimate in heavy metal from argentina in part 3. in this episodes riffs by los gatos, pappo's blues, vox dei and many more. narrated by hardcore metal head dj luciano from argentina. all episodes in spanish, because roots. saddle up and rock on.

Show Notes



1 V8 [1980-1987] Destrucción - Luchando por el Metal (1983)
2 Bloke [1981-1986] Bajo el signo del terror - Demolición (1984)

*II - PRE-METAL [1970-1980]*

3 Los Gatos [1967-1970] Rock de la mujer perdida - Rock de la mujer perdida (1970)
4 Almendra [1967-1970] Mestizo - Almendra II (1970)
5 Manal [1968-1971] Hoy todo anda bien - El león (1970)
6 Pappo's Blues [1970-1978] Algo ha cambiado - Vol. 1 (1971)
7 Vox Dei [1970-1974] Las Guerras - La Biblia (1971)
8 Billy Bond y La Pesada del Rock & Roll [1970-1974] La maldita máquina - Vol. 2 (1972)
9 Señor Carnicero – Miguel Abuelo & Nada [1973]

What is

«» is a rock podcast by a group of friends living in zurich, switzerland. we set up this podcast to hang out, have a beer and share the music we think kicks ass.

we will be recording in various locations every other week, playing rock- and metal genres from punk to doom.

vinyl only.