The ESRA Podcast Series

In this episode, Dr. Tom Emery discusses the WorldFAIR project and FAIR principles implementation with regard to survey research methods with Dr. Steve McEachern, focusing on several key points:
  • What are the FAIR principles, and why are they important?
  • What challenges arise when implementing FAIR principles in survey research?
  • What is machine actionability, and how does it relate to survey research?
  • How do FAIR principles apply to cross-cultural surveys?
  • How can we make data accessible for machines?
  • What potential advancements will the full implementation of FAIR principles bring to future research?
Dr. Steve McEachern – Director and Manager of ADA (Australian Data Archive)
Dr. Tom Emery – Director of ODISSEI, the Dutch National Infrastructure for Social Science; Associate Professor, Department of Public Administration and Sociology of Erasmus University, Rotterdam
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The WorldFAIR Project

What is The ESRA Podcast Series?

A series of conversations with Survey Methodologists about the challenges they face and how they are trying to solve them.