Apocalypse Sports Radio

00:00: Intro!

03:58: Trivia!

05:57: Ariana Eily joins to talk about the Zion Williamson scandal, whether Coach K will continue to be teflon throughout, and how it could rebound back on the NCAA.

26:38: Miles Cottom joins with his massive legal brain to break down the California circuit ruling that the U.S. women’s national team cannot proceed in their case against U.S. soccer on the topic of equal pay. A complicated and super interesting issue, and Miles has the lowdown.

48:52: “Arnold” joins me to discuss the allure of beautiful German soccer, which starts up again this weekend and will be the first major sports league (unless Korean baseball counts??) to hold matches in the Corona Era. He tells us which matches to watch, and why we might love it.

1:06:20: Spike’s take! The infamous billionaire is back in international waters, and as fate would have it, he has an opinion about German soccer. And folks, you are NOT going to like it.

What is Apocalypse Sports Radio?

A sports podcast for the end times, with Shane Ryan.