Please Hold

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On this episode of Please Hold, Sina welcomes special guest host, Christian, to Please Hold to discuss Zodiacs, Rappers, BBL's, Relationship Age Gaps, and more. Keep up with Christian and his content by following @4ngbty on Instagram. Follow Please Hold on Instagram @PleaseHoldPodcast and Twitter @PleaseHoldPodc1 . Recorded on Oct. 6th, 2021.

What is Please Hold?

This podcast is hosted by two millennials (Nae & Sina), who haven’t quite got it figured out, discuss life, love, and how not to send a “you up?” text at 3 P.M. Tune in every other Friday for a dose of Please Hold. Follow Please Hold on Twitter @PleaseHoldPodc1 and Instagram on @PleaseHoldPodcast