Leadership Arts Review

What is required of leaders when the world feels like it is falling apart? How can facing reality and claiming leadership equip everyone to face the complex problems of the modern world?

Kate Arms leads a discussion of Who Do We Choose To Be? by Margaret J. Wheatley. We discuss the leadership challenges of the modern world and Wheatley's call for everyone to face reality, claim leadership, and restore sanity.

Kate, Nitya Shekar, and Alyssa Dickman talk about what it means to put the human spirit first in a world that often feels overwhelming and scary.

Listen in if you have ever wondered how to make workplaces more human, or how you can be a force for good in a world that is much bigger than any single individual.

What is Leadership Arts Review?

Leadership Arts Review is a dynamic podcast about the art and science of leadership.

Kate Arms, Alyssa Dickman, and Nitya Shekar explore a different leadership book each episode to help you navigate all the theories and strategies out there and find the elements that work for you.