Ordinary Astronauts

Show Notes

Three topics this week:
  1. The new Clubhouse. It's been a couple years since Clubhouse came out and attracted astronomical hype (which Nathan was a part of) and since then things seem to have died down a bit. But Clubhouse is releasing a new version of the app that seems pretty interesting. Dan and Nathan talk about why we and many others stopped using Clubhouse, what the new version is (Nathan got to use it), and whether we think it'll work.
  2. Arguing to Think. Dan noticed he doesn't know what he thinks unless someone is arguing with him. At first he didn't like that about himself, but now he's learned to harness it. We discuss how to deal with argumentative vs exploratory styles of conversation, and how to develop a strong point of view (which is often rewarded by the universe) without getting blinded by it.
  3. Conquering Fear / OCD with Exposure Therapy. Dan talks about his experience with OCD and how exposure therapy helped him. All of our lives are shaped by subtle fears that are not always easy to see, but we can find them by paying attention to clues (what do we say "no" to a lot? what do we judge?) and often the best way to make progress is by overcoming them.

What is Ordinary Astronauts?

Two friends explore tech, product building, and the psychology of work. Hosted by Dan Shipper and Nathan Baschez, co-founders of Every, a writers collective that feeds the minds and hearts of the people who build the internet. We study businesses and we study humans.