Late Arrivals: An Anaheim Ducks Podcast

The LAP boys are joined on this episode by their friends from the @ChirpinYotesPod, Tyler and Alex, to discuss the unfortunate loss of their Arizona Coyotes to relocation. They discuss what went wrong and why things with current ownership won't get better if there's ever a Coyotes 2.0. They give their thoughts on where they might be as fans for the next season and talk about what made the Coyotes special. After the segment about the turmoil in Arizona, the guys briefly cover Ducks exit interview week and answer listener questions!

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What is Late Arrivals: An Anaheim Ducks Podcast?

Late Arrivals is an Anaheim Ducks & NHL podcast hosted by Ducks fans! Tune in as we discuss current events in hockey, break down games, talk trades, and discuss other fun topics around the best game and team in the league.