The Teamwork Advantage with Gregg Gregory

Our guest today is the President of Zig Ziglar Corporation, Tom Ziglar is the son of one of my mentors; the incredible Zig Ziglar.

Show Notes

Tom Ziglar's latest book “10 Leadership Virtues for Disruptive Times” shares that, while the virtues have not changed, people’s priorities in life have shifted and become more intentional and foundational during, and since, the pandemic.  

In this episode of The Teamwork Advantage, Tom shares his research and discusses how leaders need to adapt in today’s ever changing time of disruption.

Tom talks about a few of the virtues that top leaders possess today, like selflessness.  One thing that resonated with me during the interview was that gratitude and fear cannot operate in the same space. We need to start each day in a place of gratefulness.

Tom also shares his step-by-step approach to the perfect start to every day that, when followed, will set you up for success.

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