Rich Ad Poor Ad

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Step into the studio with Sam Bell of Sam Bell Marketing where we’ll turn up the heat on a discussion about the pros and cons of the webinar funnels he does for clients spending $30k to $50k/month and how he manages roughly $500/month for his agency.

Show Notes


Why you have to start with a live webinar before you even think about automating -- and which platform to use when you do.

How to create the two core beliefs you MUST convey to your webinar attendees  that will let you cale to the moon.

Why a low webinar conversion rate of 15% is actually great.

The key factor is for  getting a 400% return on a webinar inside of 30 days -- it has more to do with the price than the product.

Why you need to get your offer 100% dialed in and how to do it in 60 days for less than you might think.

What is Rich Ad Poor Ad?

It's like Which Test Won but for ads! After auditing $1,000,000,000 in ad spend we're pulling back the curtain to help advertisers scale. Join us each week as we teardown today's most elite advertisers ad campaigns to discover Which Ad Won! Sharpen your advertising skills each week and build your swipe file of campaigns that are making these advertisers RICH!